Start Everyday Biking with Rideguide

Does this sound familiar? You already know how to ride a bike; you just want a little help integrating biking into your every day life. Ridesavvy uses the concept of everyday biking; riding to the store, to a café, to the park, to help you practice using a bike to get where you need to go. This approach removes many self-inflicted blocks to “bike commuting” and helps new riders answer questions such as, “what do I wear?”, “how do I carry my computer?”, “what do I do if it rains?” Through experience, repetition, and eventually habit, we introduce riders to everyday biking without having those commute worries hanging over their heads.

Ridesavvy Rideguide KM

How do I start?

We know getting started is the hardest part. As long as you have desire to ride, we can help you with the rest. Sometimes you need instigation, or a gentle nudge to help you take the first steps. Once you have those difficult first steps covered, let us be your guide.

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Ridesavvy Rideguide: Our signature, personal one-on-one, on-road coaching service helps those bike curious increase their skills through the simple act of riding bikes for activities outside of a normal commute. Rideguide supports new riders as they get started with everyday biking. Each customized session is designed to fit your needs. It also includes follow up support.

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Typical Rideguide sessions include:

Everyday Rideguide – Designed for the rider who wants help getting started, this program adds individual, guided on-road activities and instruction. We’ll discuss your biking goals; where you want to go, what you intend to carry, and design a session just for you. For example, the Rideguide can help you find the best route shopping, then show you how to carry purchases home on the bike.

Rideguide to Work – this program includes a pre-ride consultation to assess equipment (bike, helmet, panniers etc.), discuss potential commute routes and determine “success criteria” (safest/quickest/flattest/fastest). A Rideguide will then scout the route and find one that meets the chosen criteria. Finally, the Rideguide will meet the client at a chosen location and ride with them to work.

Rideguide Trafficsavvy – evaluate riders’ traffic riding skills. Through personal, one-on-one instruction, the guide provides tips, drills, and practice time with the end goal of increasing the client’s skill and comfort on the bike and in traffic.

Each Rideguide session includes:

  • Pre-Rideguide consultation to determine success criteria and route (fastest, least amount of traffic, least hills)
  • Your Rideguide will then design and map a route, pre-ride and scout the route to ensure it meets your needs and criteria
  • 1 hour Rideguide session and ride: Rideguide rides the route with you, providing on-road coaching and guidance.

All sessions include a follow-up via phone, Google hangouts or Skype after your first week of commuting for coaching, encouragement, route tweaking, etc.