In.sti.gation: to goad or move forward (e.g., a kick in the butt)

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Ridesavvy specializes in Bike Instigation — encouragement, gentle prodding and savvy to help you reach your everyday biking goals.

What does Instigation have to do with biking?

Maybe you have been thinking about trying everyday biking for awhile. On a lovely spring day you see so many people out on bikes. They look so relaxed. They look like they’re having fun. Maybe you think to yourself, I want to do that.  But for some reason, you haven’t made the leap yet. The team at Ridesavvy has been there. We know that sometimes you just need an instigator, someone to give you a  little push, and lots of encouragement to get you out on your bike.

Instigation is that little kick in the butt we all need from time to time.

You know those days; you don’t want to ride, don’t feel inspired, but know that you’ll feel good once you ride? But first something, or someone, needs to make you. That’s where Instigation; sometimes an outside source, sometimes an internal goal, is necessary. Instigation is knowing that a riding buddy or commute partner is expecting you. It keeps you honest when you need a push. Finding your own little instigation triggers can make the difference between a riding habit, and something you just do when you feel like it (not that there’s anything wrong with feeling like it!).

Removing Barriers: Wants and Buts

You want to start everyday biking but you don’t know how to start. What’s your block or barrier? How can Ridesavvy help remove it? Can you identify with some of these wants and buts?

  • want to get out of my car. I’m tired of spending hours of my weekend running errands in my car (which usually means driving not running) and sitting in traffic. Isn’t there a better way?
  • want to cut down on my short distance car trips: 5 blocks to the library to pick up books, 1/2 mile to the grocery store for milk and bread, a mile to the local pub or cafe to see a friend. These short trips are killing me. I wish I could find a more simple mode of transportation.
  • want to teach and model independence for my kids. When I was a kid, I used my feet or bike to get around town. I loved the independence and responsibility I felt while biking and walking. Now that I’m a parent, I drive kids everywhere. It’s exhausting for me. My kids aren’t learning how to be independent, because they rely on me for most of their basic transportation.
  • want more joy in my life
  • want to spend more time outside
  • want to connect with my neighborhood and community

Maybe a few of these buts are keeping you from starting:

  • but cars scare me, I don’t know how to ride bikes in traffic
  • but  I’ve only ridden bikes on paved trails designated for bikes and pedestrians
  • but my bike is (20 years) old and I don’t know if it still works
  • but I’m afraid of getting a flat
  • but I don’t know how (to carry stuff, dress, ride in the rain)
  • but I’m out of shape
  • but I have kids
  • but my kids have never learned to ride bikes in the road
  • and the ultimate but, my butt hurts when I ride

Ridesavvy will be your instigator. We will help you remove some of these barriers.

Through classes, online resources, one-on-one instruction, coaching and guidance, we’ll help you turn desire into action and get out on your bike and ride.

Let’s get started. What are you waiting for? Ask us about Rideguide!