Ridesavvy: Helping new riders reach their everyday biking goals

people riding a variety of bikes in Fremont on sunny day

Do you want to start riding your bike for everyday transportation, but you don’t know how to start? Ridesavvy shows new riders how to use a bike as part of their everyday life. This approach is designed to bypass self-inflicted blocks to bike commuting (such as “I need to dress up for work” or “I don’t have time to get to work and shower” ) and can help riders find their own riding style and comfort level without the stress of jumping into bike commuting.

Ridesavvy builds biking success by focusing on three important aspects: Information (we provide the answers to your bike-information questions), Inspiration (how can we motivate you?), and Instigation (need a conscience? Want someone to check up and make sure you’re riding? We’re happy to play the part of the tough-love parent).

Every rider is different; no single program works effectively for all. We provide support in any and all of these areas. We’ve found that by focusing on what you want to do on your bike, and customizing our programming to your needs, (rather than providing generic commute lectures or parking lot exercises) leads to more success. Ultimately we believe that if our training reflects your goals, you will be more successful.


Our premier offering, Rideguide is a one-on-one bike guide and instruction service. We build skill through custom, on-road activities and information tailored to how individual clients intend to use their bike. For example, your Rideguide can help you find the best route to the store, make sure your bike is equipped for shopping, then show you how to load and carry your groceries home safely on the bike.

Every Rideguide session is tailored to the rider’s goals and includes follow up (phone, email, skype, etc) support.

Contact us if you want to discuss how Ridesavvy can help you.