Ridesavvy is Tim and Anne King, longtime Seattle bike bloggers and advocates at Carfreedays.com. Over the years, Tim and Anne have been instigating, educating, and otherwise encouraging friends, neighbors and co-workers to try everyday biking: riding bikes for short trips in the neighborhood and for everyday transportation.

How do you know if you want to work with Ridesavvy? We understand that getting started with biking can be intimidating (often starting the minute you walk into a bike shop.) Don’t worry, even though we’re experienced bike riders, we’re approachable. You don’t need to know the secret handshake or know all the latest biking jargon to work with Ridesavvy.  For an unedited view, take a look at our family bike blog that we’ve been writing since 2007. You’ll notice we take biking seriously, but we also like to joke and have fun.

And we’re not just talk! We’ve founded and co-founded a number of bike programs in Seattle, including Bike2Bryant, Walk.Bike.Schools, Fiets of Parenthood Seattle, and Seattle Bike Train. We’ve received so many requests for personalized on-bike instruction and information sessions, that we launched Ridesavvy to help individuals and businesses meet their active transportation goals.

Ridesavvy Principals

Anne and TIm at SLU Park on our way home from a 10-day family bike tour

Tim King is your bike librarian. For many people, practical biking is an information problem (how do I start? What do I wear? What about the weather/cars/hills?) ; luckily your bike librarian has the answers. A 30+ year rider and certified bicycle mechanic, Tim really does have a Master’s in Library and Information Science. He spent the early part of his career working in bike shops and the outdoor industry before a decade detour into the world of “online content management,” whatever that is.

Tim is a tireless researcher and an inspiring teacher. Got a tricky bike problem or just need help getting started? Tim’s your guy.

Anne King is a passionate everyday bike rider. She’s spread bike love to hundreds of family bikers in Seattle and beyond through trainings, events, and her blogging at Carfreedays.com since 2007.

Co-founder of a number of local bike to school programs and events (Bike2Bryant and Walk.Bike.Schools, Fiets of Parenthood), Anne encourages people to try everyday biking and use bikes for errands and basic, local transportation. While Anne prefers to focus on the fun and empowering aspects of bike riding, she’s also a fully qualified bike instructor (certified League Cycling Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists). Helping people reach their biking goals is a natural fit for Anne, melding her love of active transportation to her former career training people to use complex business systems. As you can imagine, biking training is way more fun.

Want to learn more? Contact Ridesavvy: email us at letsride at ridesavvy dot com, call us at 206.659.RIDE or use this handy contact form.